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Our Rector

The Reverend Canon Carole McGowan

Our Rector is the Reverend Carole McGowan.   

Mother Mcgowan came to Canterbury in 1990 from Rochester, New York.  She lives in Albuquerque's North Valley and is an avid animal lover (horses, cats, dogs - you name it) and an advocate of safeguarding our environment.  

Prior to attending seminary, Carole received her master's degree in Forestry and Environmental Studies from Yale University.  It is not uncommon for her interests in environmental stewardship to find expression in her sermons.     

A fan of murder mysteries, Carole has led a week-long seminar, "Murder, Mystery, and Theology," at Ghost Ranch for a number years. She also leads a monthly reading group by the same name here at St. Thomas.  

A true mentor in faith and a devoted spiritual counselor, Carole embodies the heart of Canterbury and the presence of the Holy Spirit among us.